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Conscious sedation is a technique that is designed to relax you during selected medical and dental procedures. In intravenous conscious sedation the use of sedative drugs are administered through an intravenous drip.

Please read the instructions carefully

Dear Patient/Parent/Guardian.

You need to undergo a procedure/operation, and your doctor/dentist has chosen to do this under sedation. Please read the following information and instructions carefully. If anything is unclear, please contact PK Sedation.

Presedation Instructions

  • If you suffer from any medical condition or take any acute medicine, you will need to inform your doctor/dentist before the procedure/operation. PK Sedation will contact you for a telephonic consultation prior to your procedure date.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes with loose-fitting sleeves.
  • Do not eat anything for at least 6 hours before the procedure/operation. Clear fluids may be taken up to 2 hours before.
  • If you take chronic medication, please do so on the day of the procedure/operation, after discussing this with your doctor/dentist.
  • Please arrive in good time for your appointment, at least 30 minutes beforehand. In some cases, your doctor/dentist may feel that you will benefit from premedication to reduce your anxiety and make you feel relaxed. If this is the case, your doctor/dentist may request that you come earlier for you appointment so you can take the premedication.
  • Please empty your bladder before the procedure/operation.
  • An escort may remain with you until the sedation is underway and the procedure/operation is about to start. The escort will then be requested to leave the procedure/operation.
  • It may be necessary to put a drip/cannula in a vein in your hand or arm.

Postsedation Instructions (aftercare of the patient)

  • A responsible adult must take you home after the sedation, and you must remain in the company of a responsible adult for the remainder of the day. Sedation will not be given if you arrive without an escort.
  • You may not drive, operate equipment or participate in any other activities that require alertness or coordination (e.g. swimming, cycling etc) for at least 12 hours following the procedure/operation.
  • If you are taking regular medication, ask your doctor/dentist when you should take your next dose after the sedation.
  • You should not experience nausea or vomiting after sedation. If you do vomit, and this happens more than once, please contact your doctor/dentist.
  • Do not eat or drink if you are nauseous. Introduce any fluids or foods slowly after sedation. If you tolerate clear fluids, you may progress to solids.
  • If you have not passed urine within 6-8 hours of being discharged, please contact the doctor/dentist at the telephone numbers provided.
  • The sedation may result in amnesia (loss of memory). This is temporary, sometimes lasting for a few hours.
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