About Sedation

Sedation is the safe administration of drugs that safely relieve anxiety, increases relaxation, makes the patient comfortable and reduces pain.

The aim of sedation is to make patients comfortable and keep them safe during a procedure. During the procedure patients become drowsy and many patients may fall asleep. No pain is experienced and they may remember very little of the procedure. Communication is possible if needs to be during the procedure.

Many procedures ie, endoscopies, plastic surgery, dermatology and dental procedures can be performed safely, efficiently and cost effectively using sedation. Sedation can be safely done outside the theatre in adequately equipped rooms.

Benefits of Sedation

Comfortable, practical co-operative and convenient for you and the surgeon.

Safe due to lower levels of medications administered.

Time saving due to your quick recovery and no need for hospital admission.

Economical since no hospital stay, less side effects, and minimal time off work.

The versatility and safety of conscious sedation coupled with the benefits to the patient make conscious sedation the perfect choice for many medical and dental procedures.

Goals of Conscious Sedation and Analgesia

Maximise your safety and comfort.

Minimise your discomfort and anxiety.

Maximise success of the procedure.

Minimise your recovery time maximize cost effectiveness of your treatment.

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